Zürcher Filmstiftung

The Zürcher Filmstiftung was founded in November 2004. The founder-members are the Canton of Zurich, the City of Zurich, all other municipalities in the Canton and the association «Zürich für den Film».

This Filmstiftung is the first one in Switzerland and it is committed to supporting writers, directors, producers and distributors. The fund's target is to support film business on a high professional level in Zurich. With an annual business volume of about 6 million euros the fund finances projects and supports filmmakers in all their needs.
The focus of Zürcher Filmstiftung is to assist with script development, production and distribution of cinema films – fiction, documentaries, shorts, animations and experimentals.
The fund also supports projects in co-production with foreign partners, and in special cases – TV movies.
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Cine-Regio representative - Mr. Daniel Waser

Daniel Waser has been the managing director of Zürcher Filmstiftung since April 2005. After a five-year period as journalist for a daily newspaper, Daniel Waser graduated in law at the University of Berne in 1992 and worked for several years at the criminal court. Later on he owned a small cinema and he was a general secretary of the Swiss Journalist Federation.
After a postgraduate study in project management Daniel Waser was elected as the first managing director of the new Filmstiftung.



Zürcher Filmstiftung
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