Ile-de-France is a major centre for film-making and film production. The region hosts about 400 production companies and all of France’s broadcasters except France 3’s local channels and ARTE. It is estimated that approximately, 70% of French films are produced in Ile de France Region. Ile-de-France region has 80 studios/companies involved in computer-generated images, 3D and special effects.

The regional council of Ile-de-France has a strong policy in favour of the cinema and audiovisual industries in order to preserve and develop the diversity of production in Île-de-France. The regional council is committed to production, post-production, high-quality cinema events, the renovation of art and experimental cinemas, etc. Every year, nearly 24,000 young people and apprentices attend classic or contemporary film showings, followed by debates with professionals.  

Ile-de-France Film & Audiovisual Fund was created in 2001 and has a team of 8 people. The annual budget for its activities is € 22 million of which € 16,5 million (2021) is allocated to film & audiovisual projects (feature film, creative documentary, animation and fiction-tv). A total of 157 projects were supported in 2021.

Ile-de-France Film Fund, in co-operation with the regional council and Film Paris Region, are actively involved in providing French and foreign film crews the best possible work conditions and production framework and to facilitate the setting up of French and foreign co-productions so as to make the Ile de France region a prime location for international productions.
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