is a network of regional film funds in Europe. The network is continuously expanding and today represents 54 regional film funds from 12 EU Member States, Norway, Switzerland and UK.

The members exhibit a range of support schemes and services to the film sector which aim to support film culture, encourage social cohesion and build regional infrastructure.

Regional film support is vital to foster and safe-guard the development of the European audiovisual sector and promotes regional and local cultural identities, cultural diversity and democratic empowerment.

CineRegio's main objectives are threefold and interlinked:

Knowledge Sharing, Film Policy and Co-Productions

  • To exchange views, perspectives, good practices and information for the benefit of the European film industry, including integrating new regional film funds.
  • To raise awareness, represent and promote regional audiovisual interests across Europe, including members' interests towards European institutions and other organisations which play a role in determining the set of rules and conditions for regional film funds.
  • To strengthen the co-development and co-production of audiovisual products, fusing talents and resources in different regions for a wider market - including stimulating artistic, technical and creative exchange and know-how throughout Europe.

CineRegio will pursue these objectives by:
  • Promoting, monitoring and acquiring knowledge related to regional film funding
  • Creating relationships with a number of organisations, including, but not limited to: Committee of the Regions, European Parliament, European Commission, European Audiovisual Observatory, UNESCO, EFADs, etc..
  • Coordinating regional & EU policies carried out in the audiovisual sector
  • Offering information on audiovisual development 
  • Initiating studies in the field of creative industries to map out and explore economic and artistic clusters
  • Together with members initiating and organizing meetings, seminars and activities in the European regions
CineRegio a.i.s.b.l. was established in May, 2005, as an belgium non-profit association. CineRegio's company registration number is 875.061.843. The Cine-Regio statutes are available from the secretariat.


CineRegio brochure (listing all members and their location)
CineRegio folder