Riga Film Fund

The Riga City Council co-financing programme “Riga Film Fund” allocates co-financing through a tender. The programme is open to Latvian and foreign co-productions planning to shoot in Riga and Latvia. The Riga Film Fund tender is organized up to four times a year, once per quarter, and up to 20% of eligible film related expenditure can be obtained by the tender winner as cash rebate when filming is completed.
The eligible expenditure of the programme is related to Riga's infrastructure, transport, renting of premises and technical equipment, accommodation, public facilities, construction facilities, artistic and administrative work, thereby encouraging foreign film crews to live and work in Riga and Latvia.
By launching this kind of co-financing programme, Riga is aiming to promote foreign film productions in Riga, to create new jobs, to attract investments to Riga, to encourage development of the national film industry and to promote Riga abroad.

Qualifying:  Foreign-National co-productions:

  • with the total budget at least EUR 700, 000
  • when half of their funding has been confirmed.
Formats: Feature films and TV Films – fiction or documentary
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Cine-Regio representative - Mrs. Dace Lešinska

Dace Lešinska has B.A. degree in International Cultural relations (Latvia-Great Britain) and M.A. degree in Culture Management from the Latvian Academy of Culture. She has worked at the Latvian Ministry of Culture in the Division for International Relations. Dace has been working at the Riga City Council since 2007. At first she worked at the Entrepreneurship Coordination Centre that was responsible for the establishment of the co-financing programme Riga Film Fund.
Since 2011 Dace is the Riga City Council project manager administrating the co-financing programme, making her the contact person for co-financing questions.



Riga Film Fund
(co-financing programme)
Riga City Council 
Ratslaukums 1,
Riga, LV 1539

Tel: +371 670 376 59
Fax: +371 670 260 51