FilmCamp was established in 2005. The fund was initiated by Kjetil Jensberg (cultural producer) and Svein Andersen (film director and producer) as a resource centre to encourage film- and television production in the Troms county, as well as means of stimulating the know-how within the region.

FilmCamp is situated in an old military camp, in the middle of Troms region in north Norway, right in the heart of the largest wilderness area of the country. Within an hour's drive from FilmCamp you find unique natural locations i.e. the fjords and coastal line, fishing villages, farmers land, sami settlements, the tundra, valleys the forests, mountains and the big rivers.

FilmCamp offers funding-opportunities for feature films, TV-fiction and creative documentaries that will be shot on location in the region – or in the studio on campus.
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Cine-Regio representative - Mr. Kjetil Andersen



Box 144
9335 Øverbygd

Tel: +47 7783 35 00