Trentino Film Commission & Fund

Opened in 2010, the Trentino Film Commission promotes and supports film, television and documentary productions, both in Italy and abroad, that aim at increasing the value of and at disseminating the cultural, environmental and historical heritage of Trentino. 

The TFC can offer logistic support to production units through location scouting, special hotel deals, the involvement of professionals working in the region and contacts with local public authorities and the police forces. 
At the same time, the TFC is committed to encouraging the development of the local audio-visual industry and organising training opportunities to improve the qualifications of Trentino professionals operating in the sector. 

The TFC is sponsored by the Autonomous Province of Trento and Trentino Marketing spa, in collaboration with the Historical Museum Foundation and the University of Trento.
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Cine-Regio representative - Mr. Luca Ferrario

Luca Ferrario has a Degreee in Communication at Bologna University and a postgraduate in Fiction Production. After a work experience in the US, he has worked for a few years as a production manager or producer for some of the most important TV production companies such as Magnolia and MTV following out fiction and entertainment projects.

Luca's been working for Trentino Film Fund from its launch in 2010. 



Trentino Film Commission

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