In 2000, The Parliament of Catalonia created the ICIC to help develop the audiovisual industries in the territory. Since then, it's been a key factor in articulating all necessary measures to strengthen the industry through dialogue, new financing formulas, support to exportation of cultural produce and to guarantee ICIC's presence in the audiovisual industry.
ICIC have developed a wide and very active audiovisual policy in Catalonia, supporting all the different actors of the industry, from production companies to theatres.
Some strategic actions taken are the creation of the CDA, the support and coordination of Catalan Film Festivals and the refunding of Catalan Films & TV, which has become a consortium with the involvement of the private sector, not only from the economical point of view but also participating in its decision making.

Audiovisual subsidies from ICIC can be obtained by companies established in Catalonia or other European companies with a permanent establishment in Catalonia.
There are no specific requirements regarding technical and artistic equipment expenses to be done in the Catalan territory (in case of automatic cinema subsidies), except for those mandatory and fixed by the International co-production treaties.

Catalan Films & TV is the international engine of the Catalan audiovisual companies, creating links, national and international, and promoting the presence of Catalan product and companies at markets and festivals.
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Cine-Regio representative - Mr. Francisco Vargas Echeverria

Francisco Vargas has been appointed as a Director of the Audiovisual Department at the Catalan Institute for the Cultural Companies in February 2015. His expertise covers audiovisual production and distribution, developed both nationally and internationally. His previous experience has been in Slot, Serveis Audiovisuals as a Head of Sales and as a CEO at the Catalan production company: Cinema i Televisió. He also has a long experience as a Communication Consultant, working for several companies and institutions related to the area of Arts and Culture: Barcelona City Hall, Picasso Museum, RBA, Televisió de Catalunya (TV3) and Televisión Española (TVE). His background also includes a wide experience in Business Development and Product & Brand Positioning.

At the ICEC Francisco is in charge of designing the different strategies to boost Catalan production, launching plans to support its exhibition, creating networks circulation of the Catalan titles and organizing the communication and promotion of the Catalan productions locally and internationally.



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