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Lower Austria as Austria’s largest federal state is a filmmaking region of wide cultural and geographic diversity. The Government of Lower Austria offers financial funding possibilities for the production of feature and documentary films for the cinema and television - for TV series, experimental, animated and short films that have a personal or subject matter-related connection to Lower Austria and/or are made in Lower Austria. Special consideration is given to projects which feature Lower Austria as a film location or a key setting, as well as those that focus on the past, present or future of Lower Austria.
Projects that promote up-and-coming young talent or highlight the tourist attractions of Lower Austrian regions will also be considered for funding. Funding applicants must be a natural personal or legal entity with registered office in Europe. Artistic and film industry qualifications are a prerequisite. The scope and nature of the candidate project will be considered in light of the professional qualifications of the funding applicant. International co-productions can submit an application for funding via the participating Austrian production company.

The LOWER AUSTRIAN FILM COMMISSION - LAFC - is the central contact point for film shootings in Lower Austria and it provides comprehensive services covering the entire spectrum of filmmaking. The LAFC’s services which are free of charge, include consulting on and support for (inter)national film productions, as well as the creation of an extensive and multifunctional industry, project and location database, including the first Green Guide of Austria. The LAFC acts as a communication hub between filmmakers, local authorities and regional service providers, supporting producers and film designers with information about all aspects of film shooting in Lower Austria. One of the LAFC´s primary objective is to network on a national and international level as well as to present Lower Austria´s diverse filmscape.
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Cine-Regio representative - Mrs. Dietlind Rott


Cine-Regio representative - Mrs. Katharina Meißnitzer


Cine-Regio representative - Mrs. Birgit Meimer



Film-&Cinema Culture Lower Austria
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