"Wallimage s.a. and its subsidiary, Sowalim s.a, were set up in Mons in February 2001. Together, they act as the Walloon regional body for the audiovisual industry.
In the autumn of 2008, Wallimage expanded, and now has two financial tools at their disposal to support both the producers and the post-production industry:
“Wallimage Coproductions” (a new name for Sowalim with an annual budget of € 3,5 M to invest in movies and series) and  “Wallimage Enterprises”, the new name of the former “Walloon Digital Incubator” (with a capital of € 6 M to invest in facility companies).
*Aim: to help structure the fledgling audiovisual industry in the Walloon Region.
*Strategy: to act as co-producers for full-length feature films that use Walloon talent and technicians, during either production or postproduction.
*Tools: Wallimage have a yearly budget of € 3.5 million to invest in co-productions (including € 1 M reserved for animation series). They also support the set up and development of audiovisual service companies, with capital investments or conditional loans. Finally, Wallimage offers practical assistance, such as a database of Walloon talent; it also coordinates the actions of the Walloon Film Commissions."

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Cine-Regio representative - Ms Virginie Nouvelle



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