Mediefondet Zefyr

Zefyr Mediafund (Mediefondet Zefyr) is the largest regional fund for AV production in Norway and second in size to Film in Vast (Vastra Gotaland - Sweden) in the Nordic area, and is the regional fund for audiovisual productin on the south west coast of Norway.

Zefyr Mediafund was established in 2016, following a merge of the two regional funds FUZZ AS and Filmkraft Fond AS. Its owned by Bergen City Council and Rogaland County and has cooperation agreements with counties and municipalities across our region. The region stretches along the coast through 7 counties, from Møre og Romsdal in the north to Telemark in the south.

The fund manages both state funding and private equity towards feature films, documentaries, TV-series, computer games and VR productions. 

We receive approximately €1 million euro from the government annually. Funding that is earmarked audio-visual production and activity in the region. The state funding is partitioned as non-recoupable grants through 2-3 annual allocations, to high quality productions with significant regional expenditure in the audio-visual industries. International co-productions with a Norwegian minority producer are eligible to apply for funding. 

Zefyr Mediafund can also provide equity up to € 1 mill through a scheme of selective co-production investments. Operating as a collective investment fund sourced by private investors, Zefyr is currently providing top financing for 4 to 8 productions a year.

Western Norway Film Commission can provide you with the information and assistance necessary for filming in the Western part of Norway.
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Cine-Regio representative - Mr Lars Marřy

Lars Marøy is Managing Director of Mediefondet Zefyr.

After having finished his studies at the University of Bergen, Norway and Complutense of Madrid, Spain, Marøy started working in short films and documentaries. The most notable are "SMS Slaves" for Piraya Film and TV2 Norway (2002), "Shining happy", a price winner at the Norwegian short film festival (2003); and "Hypochondriacs", for Piraya Film, TV2 Norway and SVT (2007).



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