At the crossroads of three worlds: content, technologies and users - the Nord-Pas de Calais region and Pictanovo, keep working hard to make the Nord-Pas de Calais an even more attractive region for cinema and audiovisual and continue to accompany ongoing changes with the objective of becoming one of the French leaders within the creative and cultural industries. 

Today the region has 3000 professionals (technicians, actors, entrepreneurs), 3500 students enrolled in sixty diploma programmes, 3 flagship sites - Plaine Image in Tourcoing, Serre Numérique in Valenciennes and Arenberg Creative Mine in Wallers -  the ecosystem of the Nord-Pas de Calais regional Image matrix is one of the most dynamic in France.

Supporting films: The Regional Cinema and Audiovisual Productions Fund has over 3 million euros to invest every year.  Three main targets: culture, economy and territory development. The projects -feature films, short films, TV films, animated series and documentary films- are selected by a committee and are chosen based on artistic and economic criteria.

Helping the emergence of the next generation of filmmakers: An associative creation fund has been awarded a grant of 150.000 € by the Nord-Pas de Calais region. It supports between 20 and 30 projects a year, from video art projects to short films and cross media art forms.

Fostering the development of the creative and cultural industries in the Nord-Pas de Calais region: The interactive experiences fund explores new ways of writing such as transmedia and video games or new prototypes based on cultural mediation and mixing artistic and technology content. Pictanovo has joined with Wallimage (Walloon region, Belgium) in order to add a European dimension to the transregional interactive experiences programme.

Networking: Pictanovo also fosters the access of regional writers, directors and producers to the main national and international events. It will allow them to meet with the creative production industries, to develop new projects, to find co-production partners, to finance projects and to launch and promote new programmes.
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Cine-Regio representative - Mr. Godefroy Vujicic



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