The Grand Est Region is pursuing a dynamic policy for audiovisual and Image Industry. The film fund is one of the major components of this policy, but other strong axes coexist, including ; support for the diffusion of works, local television channels, cinema operators or the actors the actors that educates young people how to decrypt images.

In this environment the Film Fund is a selective one which is part of a convention between the CNC and the State (Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs of the Grand Est) and the Region.

It helps to accompany all the stages of creation; from writing to producing, and according to various genres, such as real shooting, animation or new writings, in fiction and in documentary. It aims to bring out talents, to develop a solid economic sector, but also to promote the shooting in the region and the hiring of qualified professionals of the territory.
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Cine-Regio representative - Mr Pascal Mangin

Pascal Mangin was born in 1968, in the Haut-Rhin department. After studying law, he took the Direction of the Bureau Alsace in Brussels from 1994.
In 2001, he was elected deputy mayor of Strasbourg, Fabienne KELLER, and became regional Councillor of Alsace in 2004. He took the chair of the Culture Commission from 2012. In 2015, he was re-elected as a regional Councillor and continued taking responsibility for the Culture Commission on the new territory, the Greater East Region.

In parallel, Pascal Mangin pursues a career as a senior manager at Enedis, in the field of energy. 


Cine-Regio representative - Mrs Marie-Alix Fourquenay

Marie-Alix Fourquenay is a film and audiovisual mission manager for the Grand East Region since 2016.She was previously in charge of the cinema mission for Lorraine Region, a position occupied since 2007 after she finished the French-German Program “Atelier Ludwigsburg-Paris” (2005-06). As a former student of the ALP, she’s a member of the Atelier Network, the international filmmakers association.

Now, with the new territory, she shares her mission with 4 other colleague, Murielle Famy, Marion Gravoulet, Sophie Herscher-Bousseau and Carole Pepin. 



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