Krakow Regional Film Fund

The Krakow Regional Film Fund
has been operated by the specialised chamber of the Krakow Film Commission, and within the structure of the Krakow Festival Office, since 2008. The aim of the Fund is to give financial support to film productions connected with the Krakow and Lesser Malopolska Region and thereby to contribute to tourist and economic promotion of the region, as well as contribute to building a positive image.
The Krakow Regional Film Fund is financed by the Malopolska Region and the the city of Krakow.
Once a year producers can apply for financial support of feature and documentary films. Experts asses the applications submitted to the fund and take note of the location of the shoot and subject of the film, as well as the acting cast participating in the project. The Krakow Regional Film Fund also offers services to the Krakow Film Commission in the scope of organising film productions.

The Krakow Film Commission has a wide
scope of activities; among others are encouraging domestic and international co-productions, membership in the Polish Film Commission – promoting Poland as one film region, supporting commercial productions (such as video clips or advertising films) and short film forms (e.g. promotional films) located on the territory of Krakow and Malpolska Region, cooperation with commercial television in the realisation of their programmes and presentation of the Commission’s activities on international festivals and film fairs.

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    Cine-Regio representative - Mrs Izabela Helbin

    Director of the Krakow Festival Office, within which the Krakow Film Commission operates, since the 1st of January 2011. Previously, Deputy Marketing Director and Deputy Director for the Promotion of Krakow, as well as head of the press office of the Mayor of the City of Krakow. She was responsible for projects awarded with the Silver KTR in 2008 and the Golden Eagles in 2007, among others.

    As the head of the Krakow Film Commission, she is involved in supporting the most interesting film initiatives in Poland and abroad, actively participates in enhancing the image of film Krakow, and makes sure that the best productions locate their film sets in Krakow and Malopolska through the Regional Film Fund and the Film Production Support Competition. She is a co-producer of over a dozen films, including the award-winning Obława (Manhunt) directed by Marcin Krzyształowicz, Nieulotne (Lasting Moments) directed by Jacek Borcuch awarded at the Sundance Festival for the best cinematography, as well as David Ondříček’s film awarded with the Czech Lions, In the Shadow. 



    Krakow Regional Film Fund
    Krakow Festiwal Office
    Wygrana Str. 2
    30-311 Krakow

    Tel: +48 12 354 25 00
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