CineRegio encourages interregional and cross-border co-operation to strengthen the co-development and co-production of audiovisual products, fusing talents and resources in different regions for a wider market. This includes stimulating artistic and creative exchange throughout Europe.

Co-producing provides many great benefits to producers, such as as enlarging financial opportunities which in turn could reduce financial risks and secure greater distribution and exploitation, provide better access to talent from other regions and open production opportunities which otherwise would not have existed. However, there are also difficulties which come with co-producing across borders. This includes potential clashes between crews of mixed nationalities and differing cultural backgrounds, language problems and challenges in matching and fulfilling the terms, conditions and guidelines of all the various sources of finance.

Cross-border and interregional co-productions are most effective when partners have a clear understanding of the opportunities and dangers involved in a co-production. Only by sharing knowledge and experience between us will we be able to increase the number of successful co-productions, and thus expand their considerable potential. It is our hope that the co-production case-studies listed on this website (please see menu bar on the left) will be of practical value to producers, talent, lawyers and public film agencies in Europe.

         “If I was again facing the challenge of integrating Europe, I would probably start with culture” 
                                              Jean Monnet, "The father of Europe"