Screen Scotland

Screen Scotland is the national body that drives development of all aspects of Scotland’s film and tv industry, through funding and strategic support. Screen Scotland is part of Creative Scotland and delivers these services and support with funding from Scottish Government and The National Lottery. 

We are funding, developing and growing Scotland’s screen sector by:

  • Boosting production by increasing funding and support to grow the number and diversity of film and TV productions from Scotland
  • Creating specialist business development provision for screen businesses ensuring that advice and support is appropriate and easy to access
  • Improving employment opportunities in the sector through increased and co-ordinated opportunities for training and development
  • Developing audiences by improving access to Scottish film and TV productions at home and internationally
  • Growing and improving Scotland’s screen infrastructure including studio facilities
  • Developing Scotland’s reputation as a destination for international productions and co-productions, supported by our world-class talent, crews, facilities and unique locations
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Cine-Regio representative - Mrs Caris Pittendreigh

Caris Pittendreigh is the Screen Commission Officer at Screen Scotland. Caris started out as a runner in 2009 and collected a wide variety of experience across departments and productions before starting at Screen Scotland in 2018, joining the Screen Commission team to support all projects in development and throughout production in Scotland.



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