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Filmpool Nord is Sweden’s second largest regional centre for film and television production. In addition, Filmpool Nord is a resource centre for film, which means that we work actively with programmes for children and young people in the region. Filmpool Nord is run as a corporation and is owned by the municipalities of Norrbotten and Norrbotten County Council. Filmpool Nord began work in 1992 and was one of the first regional resource centres in Sweden, later also becoming a regional production centre.The annual turnover is approximately SEK 33 million. The company has seven full-time employees as well as project staff.


Filmpool Nord funds and co-produces short films, documentaries, feature films and TV series. Four to six feature films and some thirty short films and documentaries are co-produced annually by Filmpool Nord. They are known for, among other things, successful films such as “As it is in Heaven”, “The Guy in the Grave Next Door”, and “Let the Right One In” (in Swedish, respectively “Så som i himmelen”, “Grabben i graven bredvid”, “Låt den rätte komma in”).In terms of short films, Filmpool Nord has co-produced films by people such as Patrik Eklund.  His latest film, with the English title “Seeds of the Fall” (”Slitage” in Swedish), won the award for Best Short Film in the International Critics Week at Cannes 2009. In Norrbotten County there are a number of skilful documentary directors such as Gunilla Bresky and Ingela Lekfalk whose films have also been co-produced by Filmpool Nord.

Filmpool Nord has always worked with a variety of projects, where each project addresses a specific development area within the audiovisual industry. At the moment Filmpool Nord heads up three major projects: Filmpool Nord Development, Film Arc and Swedish Lapland Film Commission.Filmpool Nord’s three-year project, Filmpool Nord Development ( ) is designed to function as an incubator for the development of concepts and ideas within the audiovisual industry in Norrbotten. The project is funded through EU Structural Funds and has a budget of SEK 28.5 million.Film Arc ( )is a three-year interregional project in collaboration with Film i Västerbotten, Film Camp AB in northern Norway and POEM in northern Finland. The aim of the project is to develop business initiatives. The budget for Film Arc is SEK 27 million.Swedish Lapland Film Commission ( is funded through EU Structural Funds, Norrbotten County Council, the County Administrative Board of Norrbotten and the municipalities of Norrbotten. The aim of the Film Commission is to market Norrbotten County as an attractive region in which to locate the production of national and international feature films, television shows and commercials.

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