Year 2010


11-14 December, 2010 Cine-Regio attended Les Arcs European Film Festival in France. The debate focused this year on scandinavian countries and their funding systems. 


General Secretary Charlotte Appelgren heading for a presentation of Cine-Regio at Polish filmmakers & Polish regional film funds, Poland 2010

17-21 November, 2010 Cine-regio visited the first edition of REGIOFUN International Film Festival in Katowice, Poland. Katowice is the home the first Polish RFF - the Silesian Film Fund created in 2008. The main idea behind the event, which is under the patronage of the European Parliament, is to promote the activities of Regional Film Funds and the Silesian region as an attractive location for film production. 


Docu-Regio workshop in Lille/Tourcoing, France 2010

11-13 October, 2010 the second DOCU-REGIO workshop took place in Lille/Tourcoing, France. At this stage, the projects selected had been re-written and presented in two pages, and focus was on the pitching technique. Sixteen producers improved the presentation of their documentary projects and looked for potential co-producers amongst the broadcasters and distributors invited to this final pitch. 


Cine-Regio Annual Regional meeting at Festival Centre, Pecs, Hungary 2010

October 6th, 2010 the 5th CIne-Regio Annual Regional Meeting took place in Pecs, Hungary, in connection with the CinePecs International Film Festival. Host for the event was the Southern Transdanubia Film Fund. 

At the meeting we welcomed our new member in the Cine-Regio family - Krakow Film Fund - and we recieved an insight into funding guidelines and infrastructure in the Malopolska Region.


Mrs Maggie Ellis, Film London and Mrs Magdalena Sroka, Krakow Regional Film Fund

Other items on the agenda was the future of Cine-Regio, the discussion of the 2011 Cine-Regio Focus Report and how to link film funding policy and film heritage. 


General Secretary Mrs. Charlotte Appelgren speaks at Ourense International Film Festival, Spain 2010

Oct. 1-4, 2010 Cine-Regio attended the 15. International Film Festival of Ourense. The management had this year chosen to invite Cine-Regio to the festival because Cine-Regio work to strengthen regional identity and film in Europe by encouraging cooperation across national and regional borders.

The Ourense Film Festival is an avant-garde film festival with the objective to support the development of a regional Galician cultural tradition.


Cine-regio members on a boat trip at Haugesund Film Festival, Norway 2010

19-20 August, 2010 Cine-Regio attended the Nordic Co-Production and Film Financing Forum in Haugesund, Norway. The forum is a two-day event targeting producers, investors, film funds and sales agents with a professional interest in co-productions. 


Belgium EU presidency film conference in Mons, July 2010

4-6 July, 2010 Cine-Regio attended the Belgium EU presidency film conference in Mons, Belgium. The presidency of the EU is held by a different member state every six months, and Belgium's term began with this three-day conference where they discussed the options for opening up EU policy on national and regional film subsidies. 


Mrs Gabriele Röthemeyer and Mrs Claudine Sulyok, MFG Baden-Württemberg, at the Animarco Regio meeting in Annecy, France 2010

June 9, 2010,  An Animarco-Regio meeting took place in Annecy, France. The members of the meeting had their focus on co-production and case-studies. The participants discussed how case-studies might be a way forward to substantiate, exemplify and increase the potential of joint co-productions between members of Cine-Regio. Another topic dicussed was: "Distribution of animation films in Europe and problems related to that". 


Mr. Reynaert, Wallimage and Mrs. Vassiliou, Commissioner for education, culture and media, France 2010

During the Cannes Film Festival, the MEDIA Programme of the European Union organised a meeting of film funds. The meeting was opened by the new commissioner for education, culture and media Mrs Androulla Vassiliou. Two topics were discussed:

  • What is the role of a film fund?
  • How to prepare film funds for the future?

Europe Day 2010 - the afternoon panel had also Cine-Regio participation represented by Mr. Janos Keresnyei

In the afternoon, there was a conference open for all interested called "Shaping the Future of Cinema - Professionals meet film funds". 


Docu-Regio Turin, Italy 2010

7-9 June, 2010, the first workshop of the pitching and networking forum DOCU-REGIO was held in Turin,Italy.


Cine-Regio Chairman Mr. Søren Poulsen, West Danish Film Fund and Mr.Lars M Marøy, Filmfund FUZZ, GA, Cannes 2010

17th of May, 2010 the 5th Cine-Regio General Assembly was held in Cannes. Board members elected for the term May 2010-2012: 

  • Mr. Søren Poulsen, The West Danish Film Fund, Denmark; 
  • Mr. Vincent Leclercq , CRRAV – Région Nord Pas de Calais,France;
  • Mr. Philippe Reynaert, Wallimage, Belgium


Guest speaker Susan Newman-Baudais from European Audiovisual Observatory, informed the members abouth the KORDA-database – with a special focus on regional film funds. Cine-Regio also welcomed one new member: Filmregion Stockholm-Mälardalen. 

Other topics discussed during the Assembly were: The Future of Cine-Regio; Collaborations between members; the CR Focus Report 2010: Digital Revolution. There were also announcements from the Cine-Regio subgroups Animarco-Regio, Docu-Regio and Kids-Regio.


General-Secretary Mrs.Charlotte Appelgren and Mr.Michael Gubbins at the KIDS-Regio meeting, Malmö, Sweden 2010

17 March, 2010 the 2nd KIDS Regio meeting took place in Malmö, Sweden. During the day, Mr Michael Gubbins spoke about young people's use of new media, and there were two workshops held:  “Successful co-production: How to make most of the different financing strategies” and “Marketing and distribution: Challenging wonders from the front edge of the new media arena”.


Cine-Regio strategic meeting, Landesvertretung Hamburg, Berlin, Germany 2010

February 15, 2010 the Cine-Regio strategic meeting was held in Berlin. A sample of topics discussed were: Cine-Regio Vision & Strategy, the Korda database - a partnership agreement between European Audiovisual Observatory and Cine-Regio -  and a notification of film state aid schemes. 
Guestspeaker Mr. Gubbins made a presentation of the Cine-Regio Focus Report „Digital Distribution Revolution 2010“. 


Cross Media in Århus, Denmark 2010

On January 1st 2010, the Cine-Regio secretariat moved from Göteborg, Sweden to Århus, Denmark, with support from Region Central and Region North Denmark, the "home" of Cine-Regio member West Danish Film Fund. Chairman of Cine-Regio is Søren Poulsen, Manager of Filmby Århus.

In connection with the relocation of the secretariat, the kick off of the danish regional development project Cross Media was celebrated.
During the day there was an onstage debate called "Regional film production in the future" and a lecture by Michael Gubbins concerning his report "The Distribution Revolution".