Kids Regio

KIDS REGIO is an initiative started in 2008 by CineRegio member Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung (MDM) within the framework of CineRegio, and in cooperation with BUFF Financing Forum and Film i Skåne.
The long term goal is to initiate a platform which shall help to improve the basis for valuable and promising European co-productions of children’s and youth films.
During BUFF Financing Forum (March 13-15, 2008) in Malmö, Sweden, the parties got together in a meeting hosted by Film I Skåne. This first meeting aimed to explore conditions, possibilities and interests in the CineRegio members’ regions/states with regard to financing, funding, production, distribution and training programmes for children's and youth films.
In addition, the idea of planning a conference on the topic in Erfurt, Germany, was also discussed. Following this idea, further meetings took place in Leipzig in Oct. and Dec. 2008, and in February, 2009, the 1st KIDS REGIO Forum was announced.

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Kids-Regio Forum | 2014

With support from Mitteldeutsche Medienfoerderung (MDM) and the State Chancellery of Thuringia, on June 19th and 20th around 80 European experts from 18 countries came together in Erfurt at the KIDS Regio Forum 2014. A wide range of representatives from the European film industry and film academics met for the first time to raise the visibility and profile of, and increase the access to, children’s films in all European territories for the young target group. Since the 1st KIDS Regio Forum 2009 the initiative has been working actively to strengthen children’s film in Europe. As a result, the introduction of the annual European Young Audience Award in 2012 from the European Film Academy, and the special attention to live-action children’s films within the distribution scheme of the Creative Europe Programme, first successes have already been achieved. KIDS Regio has established itself as a key interface for exchange, cooperation and mutual support. The results of KIDS Regio Forum 2014 can be found on

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KIDS Regio Meeting Point | 2011

The fruitful cooperation with BUFF:Financing Forum continues in 2011 with a KIDS Regio Meeting Point. Under the focus: “Make your films visible and sticky!” this year offers highly profiled training on new and experimental marketing and distribution strategies for live action children films. The workshop is targeted at European producers, sales agents and distributors. 

The Future of European Children’s film | 2nd KIDS REGIO Forum 2010

On March 17th 2010, the 2nd Kids-Regio forum took place in Malmö, Sweden. This conference aimed at taking important issues and course of action from the initial 1st KIDS-Regio Forum to the next level. The focus was on the specific fields of financing and co-production, on the one hand, and new and experimental strategies for marketing and distribution on the other.

The Future of European Children’s film | 1st KIDS REGIO Forum 2009

The 1st KIDS REGIO Forum, a conference on “The Future of European Children’s Film” took place on June 24th and 25th, 2009, in Erfurt, Germany.

The conference was initiated and supported by the Thuringian Ministry for Construction, Regional development and Media, the central German film funding body, Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung and members of the Cine Regio network.

While bringing together the different players from this particular branch of the filmmaking industry, the conference aimed at describing the situation of the European children’s film in detail and defining basic problems and vacancies.

 European authors, directors and producers as well as sales agents, distributors, cinema owners, TV representatives, funders and representatives of the existing lobby groups who are active in this field all over Europe, met in Erfurt and discussed possible synergies and solutions in order to define a course of action that can improve the situation of the European children’s film.