Year 2007


February 2007, Strategic Meeting, Berlin. 
Presentation of CR Focus Report 2007 by Richard Miller, Olsberg SPI: "State Aid, Culture and Regional Film Funding" 


March 2007, Cine-Regio was happy to welcome another four new members: Filmkraft Rogaland and FilmCamp from Norway, Consejeria de Cultura de la Junta de Andalucia from Spain and the Hungarian Southern Transdanubia Film Fund. Cine-Regio now counted 26 regional film funds from 14 countries.  


April 2007, Cine-Regio welcomed another two new members: The regional film fund City of Belgrade Secretariat of Culture in Serbia, as well as Filmfyn in Denmark. Cine-Regio now counted 28 regional film funds from 15 countries. 


19th (20th) April 2007,
Cine-Regio thematic meeting on State Aid for Cinema ,Nice.
The meeting, supported by Region Västra Götaland, discussed and informed of a study into the economic and cultural impacts of the territorialisation clause of State Aid schemes for films. 


Opening ceremony at Lindholmen Science Park, Gothenburg, Sweden,new home for the Cine-Regio secretariat, 2007

In April 2007 the Cine-Regio secretariat moved the office to Lindholmens Science Park, a new progressive area in Göteborg where many creative companies and organizations are situated, among others Film i Väst. 


Pressrelease Cannes Film Festival 23 May 2007 :
Three new regional co-production initiatives 

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May 2007, After the 3rd General Assembly held during Cannes Film Festival, Mr. Bengt Toll from Film i Väst, Sweden was re-elected chairman for a new term. For the Managing Committee, Mrs. Angela Bosch, Catalan Film & TV was re-confirmed and new on the Managing Committee is Mr. Vincent Leclercq , CRRAV – Région Nord Pas de Calais, France and Mr. Manfred Schmidt, Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, Germany. 


Pressrelease Gothenburg 29 May 2007 :
Cine-Regio and EFAD Common Declaration on European Culture Agenda 

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Furthermore, three new initiatives were presented, reflecting Cine-Regio’s objectives on strengthening interregional co-productions and networking:

• Co-production Market & Talent Campus aimed at the regional level, during Sitges International Film Festival of Catalonia. Not only producers and film funds were present, but also directors and distributors from each Cine-Regio member region. Initiated by Catalan Film & TV, this three-day event in Oct. was the first of its kind. 

Cine-Link coproduction market, Sarajevo 2007

• Partner in CineLink Co-production Market 2007, held during the Sarajevo Film Festival. Here 15 selected feature film projects in development from Southeast Europe were presented. Also, the annual Cine-Regio Talks in collaboration with Screen International will take place, – the topic is “New Windows - Opportunities & Challenges”.

• The launch of Docu-Regio, a new documentary pitching forum initiated by CRRAV - Régio Nord Pas de Calais, France and involving 12 European film funds. The aim is not only to organize training for European regional documentary producers, but also to create a network of partners interested and ready to fund and promote creative documentaries. Workshops were held 2007 in Vienna (June) and Lille, France (Oct.)


4-6 June, 2007. Vienna, Austria. Docu-Regio Pitch & Networking. Workshop I 


Directors Across Borders, Armenia 2007

July 2007 , Armenia, Charlotte Appelgren, the General-Secretary of Cine-Regio, was invited to speak and participate in DAB (Directors Across Borders).
Directors Across Borders is a regional Network of film directors and film professionals living in Caucasus and in the neighbouring countries: Armenia, Georgia, Azerbadjan, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, and other - who agree that cinema is one of the unique tools that can transform human relations without the need for recognizing political, ideological, racial or religious borders.
The DAB Co-Production Forum is an annual event aimed to promote talents and film production/co-production in the Caucasian region. The Forum includes: workshops, pitching session, one-to-one meetings and a regional film programme.


Cine-Regio Thematic Meeting, West Sweden Regional Office, Brussels 2007

5 July 2007, Thematic meeting on State Aid for Cinema, Brussels
Discussion and analysis of the “EC Study on State Aid Schemes for Films”.



Mr. Michael Gubbins presents the Cine-Regio Focus Report, Sarajevo 2007

23 August, 2007
. Sarajevo. Cine-Link co-production market. Participation of producers and fund managers from each Cine-Regio region. Activities: "Cine-Regio Talks", "Panel on regional film funding", the Digital Revolution and networking.



Cine-Regio Annual regional Meeting, Sitges, Spain 2007

3-6 October, 2007, Sitges, Spain. Annual regional meeting. Co-production market and talent campus. Participation of producer, talent, distributor/broadcaster and fund managers from each Cine-Regio region. Discussion and presentation on the impact of digitalization on filmmaking and filmdistribution.
Activities: project pitching, meet the expert, roundtable and networking.



In November 2007 Cine-Regio was happy to welcome two new members: The Norwegian Film3 as well as The Flanders Audiovisual Fund in Belgium. 


Activities october-december 2007
•15-17 October, 2007. Lille, France. Docu-Regio Pitch & Networking. Workshop II.
• 17-20 October, 2007. CentEast Market, Warsaw. 
• 7-9 November, 2007. Connecting Cottbus.
• 14-15 November, 2007. Cartoon Movie, Potsdam (presentation).
• 22-24 November, 2007. European Days, Torino (presentation).
• 3-6 December, 2007, Tbilisi Int. Film Festival (presentation).