Year 2016


The CineRegio Annual Regional meeting took place on 28–30 September during the Zürich international film festival. Topics discussed & information shared included among others:

  • presentation by the European Audiovisual Observatory on “How do films circulate on VOD and in Cinemas in the EU? 
  • presentation of Zürich Film Fund (& Swiss Film Financing Landscape) 
  • trends in film financing from the regional film fund point of view – country by country: Sweden
  • supporting & Co-producing Animation in the European Regions
  • green filmmaking in the European regions and the new Green Film incentive (point system) developed by CineRegio member Trentino Film Fund 
  • Digital single market, MEDIA and State aid issues

Charlotte Appelgren & Daniel Waser, Zürich film fund

CR members in action at the CR meeting at the Zurich rathaus

Gerlinde Seitner, Vienna film fund & Corine Mauch, mayor of Zürich

Cine Regio meets talents @ZurichFilmFestival2016.

Cine Regio members from the meeting.


Ms. Seitner and Mr. Reynaert

On Monday 16th May CineRegio held its General Assembly in Cannes. We welcomed 3 new members: Foundazione Rome Lazio Film Commission, Screen Flanders and Screen.brussel fund which take the numbers of members to 44.

Also, three new board members were elected and Ms. Gerlinde Seitner, Managing Director of the Vienna Film Fund was elected as the new chairperson, taking over from Mr. Reynaert, who had served as board member since the inception in 2005.

Strasbourg-based Observatory' made a presentation on Public Funding for film activities with special focus on regional film funds and members of Cine-Regio. Other topics discussed included: State aid for films; Digital Single Market Strategy incl. the topic of “Portability" and "Cross border access”; TTIP; and reports from the CineRegio sub-groups and activities during 2nd half of 2016.


Ms.Satta, Ms.Appelgren and Ms.Costa

16th May, Cannes - the Italian Pavilion/IFC had invited Ms. Silva Costa, chair of CULT Committee of the European Parliament and film funds to discuss and exchange views on film policy, film financing and collaboration opportunities. 


CineRegio members present in the Green Panel

13th May, Cannes - the CineRegio Green group in collaboration with Green Film Shooting and the Italian Pavillion/IFC held a conference on sustainable filmmaking where environmentally-friendly initiatives and practices across our network were shared. The conference was well attended with strong interest in initiatives, including the "T-Green Film Rating System" to promote environmental sustainability in the film

industry, launched by the Italian Trentino Film Fund. The ratings offer green certification and financial incentives for environmentally-friendly productions. 


Ms. Satta, Mr. Reynaert, Ms. Appelgren, Mr. Schmidt, Ms.Seitner, Ms. Krave and Mr. Faes.

15th May, Cannes - the CineRegio board met to discuss the CineRegio 2020 plan, our actions 2016/2017, in addition to EU public affairs matters. 


Mr. Greiner, Ms.Gabrieli, Mr. Ivarsson, Ms. Ward, Mr. Kruckels and Ms. Appelgren.

On 15th March in Malmö – during the Financing Forum for KIDS CONTENT – a meeting took place between the chair of the Culture Committee Region Skåne, Ms. Ward and the State Secretary of Region Thüringen, Mr. Krückels. Agenda points included exchanges of mutual interests regarding the support of children’s films and fruitful discussions on how both region Skåne and Thuringia could work more closely together. 

Also, the Cineregio's subgroup - Kids Regio's members met in Malmö to follow-up on the KIDS Regio initiatives so far - incl. the panel at Berlin Film Festival and the KIDS Regio opening seminar in Malmö, in addition to the 2016/2017 focus areas.


On 3rd March CineRegio members gathered during the Cartoon Movie in Lyon for a meeting the CR subgroup Animarco - where they discussed co-producing animation in the European regions and how to better work with and support talent development. 


Speaker: Mrs. Anna Herold, Commissioner Öttinger's Cabinet

Berlin Film Festival, February 2016

Members have met again for the first meeting of the year 2016 in February in Berlin, during Berlin Film Festival where part of the discussion was the leading impact of the members of CineRegio on the European Audiovisual sector: 

General-Secretary, Charlotte Appelgren: "The members of CineRegio have become an essential part of film funding in Europe, and a critical protector of both cultural diversity and audience engagement. We are proud that an important proportion of films selected in every year’s main festivals are supported by Cine-Regio members. This reflects the importance of regional film funds for the European audiovisual sector and Cine-Regio members’ wealth of expertise and knowledge in selecting and supporting the directors, producers and films that enrich Europe’s film sector.”