North Sea Screen Partners (NSSP)

Working together to produce, shoot, post and learn.
North Sea Screen Partners binds together 12 film funds, film commissions and learning institutions in six countries across the North Sea. NSSP supports innovative transnational film, TV and interactive media initiatives in the areas of business development, inward investment, skills development and new technologies. The goal of NSSP is to turn new knowledge, new skills, and new friendships into new production opportunities - opportunities that will strengthen the audiovisual industry across the North Sea Region (NSR).

The aim of NSSP is:

- To create a network of Screen Partnerships and Film Funds to pool resources, map existing NSR production clusters and collectively promote the NSR to external companies.
- To increase the region’s competitiveness in a global context, enhance the NSR’s screen visibility and increase the number of incoming projects, both production and post-production.
- To promote the wide range of locations and production skills, and to increase the attractiveness of the region.

Project partners

The network consists of 12 international partners from six EU countries in the North Sea Region (NSR) 

Dundee City Council (Scotland)
• Dundee College (Scotland)
FifeScreen & TayScreen (Scotland)
Filmby Aarhus (Denmark)
FilmFyn A/S (Denmark)
Nordmedia Fonds GmbH (Germany)
Region Vastra Gotaland (Sweden)
Roskilde University (Denmark)
Screen South (England)
Tietgen Business School (Denmark)
University of Dundee (Scotland)
Bergen Media By (Norway)