FILM ARC is an interregional film initiative set up by four regional film funds in the Nordic Region – in the framework of CineRegio -  in order to strengthen the audiovisual industries in the creative industries in Northern Sweden, Northern Finland and Northern Norway, i.e the Film Arc region.
The audiovisual sector includes filmmakers and companies that produce moving images in film productions, documentaries and short films, animation, computer games, advertising films, mobile content, information films and tourism films.

 Film Arc was initially planned to run for three years. The overall project budget was three million euro, of which 40% was from the EU and 60% from the regions. 

"FILM ARC intends to create a stronger network, so that filmmakers and film companies can be more mobile within the Film Arc region. A joint media platform will be set up, as well as a common register of filmmakers and film companies," says project manager Stina Almqvist, based at Filmpool Nord's Luleå office.

The project aimed to strengthen production companies through business development. Master Classes/ workshops started in January, 2009, where 40 companies from the Film Arc region met, got inspiration and knowledge by international high class tutors, and worked to improve their business skills.
The first master-class took place during the Tromsö Film Festival, Norway (January 13-18, 2009) and the second one in Luleå, Sweden. The name of the 40 selected companies was announced in December, 2008.

The four regional film funds behind FILM ARC are Filmpool Nord, Film i Västerbotten, POEM and Filmcamp. 

FilmArc has secured its continuation with a budget of €1.7 million for 2012-2014.


FilmArc in Singapore

Follow the FilmArcteam on their journey to Singapore, their fruitful collaboration with organizations and production companies, and their experiences of the asian culture.

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