Film London has been awarded an INTERREG IVC grant to launch EuroScreen, a project which ran until 2014 and aimed to capitalise on the major economic and cultural opportunities presented through screen tourism, working in partnership with eight organisations in seven EU regions. 

EuroScreen improved the effectiveness of policies between the screen and tourism sectors within participating regions and drive growth in both sectors.

EuroScreen's mission was to take advantage of the screen industry as a proven catalyst for tourism development. This relates to tourism encouraged - either directly or indirectly - by a destination or attraction being viewed on screen, including film, TV, video and the Internet. The project will see new collaborations between partner agencies and local SMEs to capitalize on the economic potential available when film commissions effectively work with the tourism sector.

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EuroScreen published a handbook which present various cases, from launching screen industry initiatives through to capitalising on existing screen assets with the aim of advancing screen tourism practises. 

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Impact Research

In 2014, EuroScreen published a report which includes ground-breaking research cthat suggests the fullvalue of the screen tourism phenomenenon: it amounts to millions of pounds of free advertising for the filming locations.

"This research shows that productions don't just sell cinema tickets and box sets, the also sell the places where they're made"" - Film London CEO Adrian Wootton 

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Case studies

In 2013, EuroScreen presented four case studies that have been selected for their demonstration of good practice, as identified in their Baseline Study. 

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EuroScreen Showreel 2014

EuroScreen produced a showreel for the EuroScreen conference "Seen on Screen: Capitalising on Screen Tourism", where EuroScreen partners arrived in London to hear and share case studies, discuss the revealing findings and explore best practice. 


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