"The White Ribbon" by Michael Haneke


produced by
 Stefan Arndt, Veit Heiduschka, Michael Katz, Margaret Menegoz & Andrea Occhipinti 
production: Wega Film, X-Filme Creative Pool, Les Films du Losange, Lucky Red 
support: MBB, MDM, FFA, Eurimages, Minitraité , DFFF, Filmfonds-Wien
a Germany/Austria/France/Italy -production 

Funding info: 
The White Ribbon recieved film funding support from two Cine-Regio members; Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung GmbH (MDM) (500.000,00€) and Filmfonds-Wien (640.000,00€). 
The funding allocated by MDM for "The White Ribbon" was a soft loan. MDM gives, in general, soft loans for script and project development, production and distribution. For festival and presentation support they can give grants. 
The support from Filmfonds-Wien was a success based repayable grant. 

Mysterious events disturb the seemingly well-ordered life in a German village in 1913. It is the eve before the First World War. The strict Protestant preacher ties a white ribbon around his son’s wrist and into his daughter’s hair so that they will remember to preserve their purity and stay away from sin and temptation.  

A series of incidents that seem to be a vengeful and ritualistic punishment occurs, but no one in the village speaks to the investigating policemen. Too great is the fear of crumbling this micro-society that is held precariously together only through social and religious conventions. Each family hides a secret. 

Awards and nominations: 
The White Ribbon has been nominated for two Oscars and recieved amounts of awards.  
Here is a selection: 
Cannes Palme d'Or 2009 
Golden Globe Awards for Best Foreign Language Film 
European Film Prize 2009 for Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay 

In agreement with Cineuropa.org, an interview with Mr. Haneke can be found here.
Sept. 2009