"In a better world" by Susanne Bier


 “In a Better World” is an International, 2011 Oscar-winning
co-production supported by the two Cine-Regio members FilmFyn (DK) and Film i Väst (SE). The film has a total budget of approximately
4 million euro out of which FilmFyn has investet 400.000 € and
Film i Väst 150.000 €.

Besides the two regional film funds, the film has received production support from the Danish Film Institute, Danish public broadcaster DR, Nordisk Film og TV Fond, Swedish Film Institute and Sveriges Television AB (SVT). 

With a worldwide gross of about 8.6 million US $ (20.03.2011) and an Oscar statuette, “In a Better World” must be considered a great success, and investing in the film has been a positive decision for the two regional film funds. As a result of this success FilmFyn expects to get their 400.000 € investment back and a share of the films future revenue. 

Besides the financial benefits for the two funds the film has helped profile the region of FilmFyn, as FilmFyn has been the centre of the main Danish location at Langeland, Faaborg and Svendborg. Lars Hermann, the CEO of FilmFyn, anticipates that the Oscar nomination and award can have enormous importance and can open up new opportunities for FilmFyn, including a growth in film tourism. However, he also points out that it demands a great and focused effort to convert the success of the film into success for the film fund. FilmFyn must work hard to tell the world that the film has been shot in the southern region of Funen – and that this region is a great place for a vacation. FilmFyn has done this in different ways, among others by supporting the marketing of the film in Germany – an important source of tourims for Funen. 


“In a Better World” takes place in as conflicting places as a chaotic and dismal refugee camp in Africa and an ordinary and dull Danish provincial town. The paths of two Danish families cross and an unusual and dangerous friendship begins to grow. However, loneliness, powerlessness, and sorrow lurks under the surface – soon the friendship becomes a life threatening alliance and a nerve wrecking race with lives at stake. “In a Better World” is a timeless story about revenge, jus-tice, love and belief in the goodness of man. 

Produced by: Zentropa Danmark and Memfis Film 

Read an interview with director Susanne Bier from Cineuropa.org. 

Source: Cine-Regio, June 2011



Awards and nominations by April 2011

  • Golden Globe® Award Winner, Best Foreign Language Film 
  • Academy Award®Winner, Best Foreign Language Film (Denmark) 
  • Official Selection: 2010 Toronto International Film Festival 
  • Winner: Marc’Aurelio Grand Jury Award for Best Film & Marc’Aurelio Audience Award for Best Film – 2010 Rome International Film Festival 
  • Official Selection: 2011 Sundance Film Festival