"Cages" by Olivier Masset-Depasse


The Franco-Belgian co-production "Cages" was selected for the official selections at Toronto, Roma and Namur Film Festivals 2006. Shot for the main part in the Nord Pas de Calais region, this film recieved funding from the Cine-Regio members CRRAV and Wallimage

Two and a half years ago cooperation between the two funds CRRAV (France) and Wallimage (Belgium) didn’t exist. They were neighbours but the two funds took different forms and had different goals. They had two things in common though: they both believed that cross border collaboration would benefit the film professionals in their regions and they spoke the same language. So when Vincent Leclerq from CCRAV met up with Wallimage´s director Philippe Reynaert, they decided to work together to stimulate co-productions between the two regions.

"We discussed some interesting projects and decided to do something together. At first it seemed impossible – for example the criterias of both funds were that more than half of the shooting had to take place in the region – which makes it an equation impossible to solve", says Vincent Leclerq. "But if there is one thing that is necessary in international co-productions it is flexibility".
So as there were no companies with post production facilities i CRRAVS region the post production of "Cages" was placed in the Wallonian region, via Wallimage, while the shooting of the film took place in CCRAV´s region, Nord Pas de Calais.

"If we have to find a solution we will", says Vincent Leclerq. "We were so sure that we would work something out that we didn’t even sign an agreement and I still don’t think we have", he continues.

"Cages" had a story which took place in Belgium – but as a way of solving the co-production problem, the story was moved from one part of Belgium to another – to the North Sea area. That way half of the shooting could be done in Nord pas de Calais and half in Belgium. Part of the crew was Wallonian and the post production was done in Belgium. In this production, with a total budget of less than 2 million euros, CRRAV’s investment amounted to 150 000 euros and the return to 200 000. The Wallimage investment was 250 000 euros.

"We are very happy to be able to cooperate in this way with CRRAV." says Wallimage director Philippe Reynaert. "This is proof of that regional film funds can work together; at the service of the films and the cinema industry – which is of the outmost importance for the film professionals in our regions".

"You have to be able to adapt your rules and be flexible and realize that one time you get more back and another less. You have to know each other and think long term", says Vincent Leclerq. And of course, the projects have to be really good, it all depends on the projects. Therefore it is important not to hurry up the process, making too many films too fast, because that is impossible if it all is going to work out well in the end", he concludes.

Source: Cine-Regio, October 2006


Facts: “Cages”
Eve and Damien have been together for a long time and are very much in love. But one day everything changes drastically. Eve is in a car accident. Even though the physical wounds heal fast, the trauma has made her mute. At first, Damien tries everything in his power to rehabilitate her, but Eve finds it impossible to heal. For the first time they are not able to share everything. They drift apart and Damien finds comfort en someone else. Eve can’t stand it, she wants to fight, and show Damien that she can change, Eve is prepared to sacrifice everything in order so save their love – or is she?

Original language: French
Year of Production: 2005
Genre: Melodrama
Director, writer: Olivier Masset-Depasse
Origin of production: Belgium
Distribution Benelux: Cinéart,
International sales: Films Distribution
Production: Versus production, Jacques-Henri BRONCKART
Co-produceres: Les Films Pelleas (F), Mobilis Productions (F), Scope Invest (B), RTBF (Télévision belge).

Production supported by:Centre du Cinéma de la Communauté française de Belgique, Wallimage, CRRAV, de
COFINOVA-ARTE. Developed with support from MEDIA programme (Slate Funding).

Director of Photography Tommaso FIORILLI
Sound Design: Marc ENGELS
Art Direction: Jimmy VAN STEENKISTE
Costume Designer: Elise ANCION
Editor: Damien KEYEUX
Sound editor: Marc BASTIEN
Sound mix: Thomas GAUDER
Composer: Frédéric VERCHEVAL

Anne Coesens
Sagamore Stévenin
Micheline Goethals


Awards and nominations:
2006, 21e Festival International du Film Francophone de Namur 
Awarded Prix du public de la ville de Namur 

2006, 21e Festival International du Film Francophone de Namu
Awarded prix du jury junior

2006, 8th Annual Port Townsend Film Festival
Awarded Best Feature-length Narrative Award