“And If We All Lived Together” by Stéphane Robelin


“And If We All Lived Together” is a French/German coproduction which have received funding from the two Cine-Regio member funds: Ile-de-France and MFG Baden Württemburg. The movie was shot in Paris and surrounding areas during a period of 37 days. The total budget of the movie was €3,7 M. Ile-de-France supported the production with €400.000. The total German financial part of the budget was €1.3 M. MFG Baden Württemburg supported the production with €110.000. €132.000 (120% of MFG’s funding) were spent in the Baden-Wurttemberg region for dramaturgic consulting, assistant cameraman, customer/dresser, insurances and general expenses.

The movie was unveiled as the closing film at the Locarno Film Festival in August 2011.

Synopsis: “And if we All Lived Together” is something as rare as a comedy-drama about seniors. Five lifelong friends with each of their own problems with growing old decide to move in together and help each other.

Production year: 2011
Produced by: Christophe Bruncher, Peter Rommel, Philippe Gompel, Aurelia Grossmann.
Production companies: Films de la Butte, Les Rommel Film, Manny Films, Studio 37.

Cine-Regio, March 2012.