Download Cine-Regio Green Report 2105

The Green Report 2015 provides an overview of the green activities in the European regions today including sustainable film production initiatives, training programmes as well as local partnerships. This green initiatives review is promoted by the Green Regio subgroup within the framework of Cine-Regio, in partnership with Green Film Shooting, and with the support of the Sardegna Film Fund.

The report will enable us to discuss the various approaches to sustainable filmmaking, to search for new and different green methods and opportunities, and to inspire to develop new directions for further activities.

We recognize that the topic of sustainable filmmaking is new territory for many of us. For this reason, and to introduce changes for sustainability in the film industry, it is essential that we share our experiences, tools, tricks and best practices. Sharing knowledge is a great step forward and by reading this report you will also be leading the way for change!


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