Film Capital Stockholm

A centre for Film Production
Film Capital Stockholm operates in three areas to stimulate and contribute to a vital film industry in the Stockholm-Mälaren region.

Our goal is to develop a thriving film industry in our region through seminars and other events aimed at strengthening networking and professional development.

Film Commission
The film comission functions as a liason between film producers, local authorities, private sector and the community to make film-production as easy as possible.
We market the region as a location for film production, both nationally and internationally.

Film Investment
We coproduce and top-finance feature films and documentaries.
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Cine-Regio representative - Mrs. Anette Mattsson

In the film industry since 2005 with a solid background in change management.

Senior positions at two major Scandinavian film companies: Head of Post Production at Nordisk Film (NF) before becoming Head of Coordination at Swedish Film Industry (SF) with a mandate to lead, organize and distribute work for Swedish production.

At SF Anette was a member of the Nordic Management team, responsible for the introduction of digital distribution as well as spearheading a project to centralize coordination of production and distribution. Mission: Build and lead a key department within Swedish Film Industry Nordic focusing on appropriate and cost effective material handling to optimize storage and distribution.

Trade organizations and board memberships:
Previous chairman of Filmallians Stockholm-Mälardalen (FAS) with a focus on the capital region of Stockholm, and Resurs, the national platform promoting the sector of post-production and technical resources. Board member of Sweden Film Commission.

Change management:
This has been her lead theme since she started in the industry. Successfully managed the transition at NF from analogue to digital post production under the concept “One House Everything Post”.

Before being headhunted to the film industry, Anette was IT manager at Svenska Bostäder, a major public real estate and housing corporation (1998-2005); Svenska Kraftnät, a national electricity distribution house; and pharmaceutical multinational Roche (Hoffman La Roche) 1995-1998.



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