Tomas Eskilsson, Film i Väst, Sweden (chairperson)
Birgit Oberkopfler, IDM Südtirol, Italy
Katrien Maes, Screen Flanders, Belgium
Ralf Ivarsson, Film i Skåne, Sweden
Noel Magis, Fund, Belgium
Godefroy Vujicic, Pictanovo, France 

The Board is responsible for the administration of the affairs of the association and its representation in all judicial and extra-judicial acts. It holds all the powers of representation not specifically reserved for the General Assembly by law or the statues of Cine-Regio.

As of March 1, 2006, the Board has delegated the daily management of the association to the Secretary General. The Secretary General is the official representative of Cine-Regio and has been invested with full power to act on behalf of Cine-Regio in respect of third parties.

Board meetings are held three to five times a year. Participants are the members of the Board and the Secretary General.