The objectives of Cine-Regio are threefold and interlinked: 


  • To exchange views, perspectives, good practice and information for the benefit of the European film industry, including integrating new regional film funds
  • To raise awareness, represent and promote regional audiovisual interests across Europe, in particular at the European level
  • To strengthen the co-development and co-production of audiovisual products, fusing talents and resources in different regions for a wider market. Including supporting cooperation, instead of competition, to allow the combination of creative, technical and economic resources

Cine-Regio will pursue these objectives by:

  • Promoting, monitoring and acquiring knowledge related to regional film funding
  • Creating relationships with a number of organisations, including, but not limited to: Committee of the Regions, Circom, European Audiovisual Observatory, EFAD, European Commission, UNESCO and European Parliament.
  • Coordinating regional policies carried out in the audiovisual sector
  • Offering information on audiovisual development to the members of Cine-Regio and all others interested on a regular basis
  • Stimulating any form of artistically, technical and otherwise creative exchange and know-how throughout Europe
  • Initiating studies in the field of creative industries to map out and explore economic and artistic clusters
  • Organizing meetings, conferences and seminars in the European regions